Not even Harvey could keep me away~ glm

Storms are always in our midst. Some are Cat 5 and some never make it to 1. The main thing to remember is they WILL come. There will be no avoiding them. You may be able to get far away and lessen the damage to yourself or others. You may be able to board up all your windows and save your glass. Still if the roof is pealed off, the stuff inside will be ruined. A gust of wind can bring down a mighty oak like it was a sapling or it can blow through a house like it was a matchbox. I have seen it. Thank God, not experienced it. My storms and your storms may have similar winds, similar rain some similar damage. Still the effect on each subject is unique. What I have learned is that it is life that has the true value, it is family (whatever that may mean to you) that will help us overcome the damage that is done. No life will avoid every storm on the horizon. No life will be “storm free.”  Yet, it is our choice before, during and after each storm that will help us to grow stronger and recognize the beauty in mankind.

May your storms be mild depressions and tropicals only!!

Light Shine Bright

Sometimes our life does not happen the way we thought.

Oftentimes what happens will prepare us to be the best person we can be.

Let the new light shine bright in you

keep on dreaming

never stop reaching

for REAL life.20160915_073259

Weeds are Taking Over

Yes, It is true I have weeds. There has been a ton of rain lately so it’s been hard to mow…..or so that has been my excuse. I feel blessed that we are not flooded but between thick grass, broken lawn mower belts, weed killer (that I don’t like to use) and very large swampy areas that didn’t used to be there I have been outnumbered! Continue reading



Does every trip to the grocery store either cost me a ton or leave me without all that I needed. We have been trained up in my generation to be hooked on sugar, caffeine, hydrogenated oils, bleached flour and high fructose corn syrup.

Really, no joke, in elementary school my mom packed me a hiC, a wonder bread pbj, and either a twinkie, hoho or one of those cupcake things. Oh and were those raspberry coconut things called “zingers”?? All the other kids wanted to trade me for my junk and I wanted their moms homemade (bleached flour) bread and sugar packed (homemade) jam sandwiches. In, I would bike to school for exercise but my breakfast was a pepsi and a snickers bar.

hostess1hostess2                                                                                   there they are! this took me back- I forgot about those pies….got them in my lunch too!!


NOW- there is all these warnings about GMO’s and pesticides and oily fats not to mention caffeine, sugars and nitrates, msg……..the list is WAAAAY too long!

warning1                warning2


I figure I need to get good stuff in this highly mal-nourished body so I can see my grandkids one day but it’s expensive!! The stuff I was raised on is super cheap but I will not stay in that rut knowing that other foods are healthier for my family and I.

Yep, folks- they got us over a barrel and I don’t see a change any time soon.

Rant over


Strangers Happily

You might not know it

Truly I am happy- joyful even

I’ve been doing a bit of searching on this computer and I find that I am not so unusual. I can type in a word and up comes all these blogs. Some I know quickly I am not interested in, others I read for a bit and don’t finish but others speak to me.

Botanical 004

Continue reading

The Unseen Truth

                                                gingers phone pics and videos 017

A Kelp Forest is a beautiful thing~

                  until you become entangled


 clouds and dakota 008


When I look at the sky

I think of you

When I dream in the night

I dream of you

When I gaze into the Ocean waves

I think of you

Come to think of it

You are like the Stratocumulus

You have covered my life

 With beauty